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Our Solutions

Our mission extends beyond providing top-tier building hardware and security solutions. We're dedicated to one fundamental goal: keeping you safe. With a legacy built on redefining excellence in the building and construction industry, we bring you the most advanced physical security, access control systems, security camera systems, and surveillance technologies available today.

Integrated Access Systems

Innovation Meets Security

Our Integrated Access Systems (IAS) Division, merges innovative security technologies with custom design for today's construction and property management needs. Tailored to your unique business environment, our security solutions offer unparalleled protection for assets and personnel.

Our expert team crafts efficient, bespoke security designs using advanced system engineering and CAD technology, ensuring seamless integration and operational efficiency. With dedicated project management, we promise a smooth, on-time, and within-budget installation.

TCH not only installs but also maintains your security system, ensuring ongoing reliability and your peace of mind. Opt for TCH's IAS Division for smart, customized security solutions that keep you ahead in building safety and management

Facilities Management

Elevating security and building efficiencies

Our Facilities Division specializes in advanced facility maintenance, door, and security system services. With a focus on building trust and delivering innovative solutions, we partner with facility managers to enhance security and efficiency. Our experienced team offers tailored recommendations and rapid response to service needs, ensuring minimal downtime and optimal facility conditions. Trust TCH for reliable, innovative building solutions that keep your facilities at their best.

National Accounts

Secure your multi location real estate

Elevate your corporation's security with TCH's National Accounts Division, specializing in bespoke, innovative building security solutions for large corporations and national chains. Our mission: to be your all-encompassing partner in integrating cutting-edge security solutions across your architectural and construction projects.

Distinguished as the nation's leading source for reliable and advanced security solutions, we guarantee uniform, superior protection for every facility, aligning with our commitment to safety and operational simplicity. Whether you're part of the Fortune 500 or a widespread national chain, TCH ensures your facilities maintain a consistent level of security, streamlining your operations and safeguarding your assets.

TCH transcends traditional supplier roles, emerging as a strategic ally. Collaborating with your construction, loss-prevention and security departments, we deliver tailored security strategies that blend optimal protection with cost efficiency. Trust TCH for unparalleled, standardized security solutions that fortify your facilities nationwide with the latest in safety technology.

New Construction

Elevate your projects

Our New Construction Division revolutionizes commercial construction with a century of innovation and reliability. We provide expert, tailored hardware solutions to meet the diverse needs of the construction industry. From tenant improvements to mid-sized projects, our focus on efficiency and precision ensures every project excels.

Our Contract Division excels in managing large, complex projects with detailed planning and strategic support, ensuring seamless, timely hardware delivery for ambitious construction goals.

As your strategic partner, TCH offers more than hardware; we deliver support and expertise for your projects nationwide, establishing us as the preferred choice for high-standard commercial construction solutions.


Premium Residential Hardware

Discover unparalleled quality with TCH's Residential Division, your source for distinctive, high-quality residential hardware. Catering to homeowners and builders, we set industry excellence standards, offering a diverse selection of products for every project scale.

From luxurious custom hardware for exclusive estates to comprehensive solutions for new developments, TCH stands as the reliable, innovative partner for all your residential building needs. Elevate your home with TCH's commitment to innovation, reliability, and unmatched service. Our State of the art showrooms are located at New Hope, MN and Oakdale, MN

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