As a leader in security solutions, TCH is dedicated to safeguarding government entities, from military bases to city halls. Our mission is clear: provide top-tier security that instills trust and meets the specific needs of the public sector.

We specialize in cutting-edge security technology tailored for government buildings, offering everything from advanced access control systems to high-security door hardware and surveillance tech. Our collaboration with government decision-makers enables us to deliver security strategies that address unique challenges, ensuring the highest protection against current threats.

At TCH, we're more than suppliers; we're partners in building a secure future for government operations, ensuring officials can perform their duties with confidence. Choose TCH for security solutions where innovation and trust are guaranteed.

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Minimize time and complexity during new construction. Mechanical and Electrified hardware is pre-installed by trained professionals in a controlled environment, ensuring accuracy with the right tools and materials. This approach eliminates common issues like incorrect door preparations and missing or defective parts before arrival on-site. The result is fewer installation problems, minimal need for field touch-ups, and reduced warranty callbacks, freeing up time for other tasks.Plus, a fixed installation cost reduces financial risk.

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