At TCH, we're committed to providing leading-edge security for industrial spaces, from warehouses to energy plants. We deliver trust through custom security solutions that meet industrial challenges head-on.

Our innovative approach ensures our security systems - access controls, heavy-duty hardware, and surveillance tech - are both cutting-edge and flexible, perfectly matching the dynamic needs of the industrial sector.

By partnering with industry leaders, TCH offers unparalleled expertise in designing and implementing security strategies that boost both safety and operational efficiency. Our goal is to instill confidence, enabling professionals to concentrate on productivity with the assurance of top-tier security.

Our services for Industrial


Minimize time and complexity during new construction. Mechanical and Electrified hardware is pre-installed by trained professionals in a controlled environment, ensuring accuracy with the right tools and materials. This approach eliminates common issues like incorrect door preparations and missing or defective parts before arrival on-site. The result is fewer installation problems, minimal need for field touch-ups, and reduced warranty callbacks, freeing up time for other tasks.Plus, a fixed installation cost reduces financial risk.

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