Catering to Greater Minneapolis region, our mission to build trust with customers resonates strongly in the Residential Division, where we understand the importance of the home as a sanctuary. From the grandeur of custom-made hardware for luxury estates to the precision in supplying large orders for residential developments, our team ensures that every homeowner and home builder receives not just a product, but an experience marked by innovation, reliability, and personalized service.

Whether you're building a neighborhood or a dream home, we are committed to providing the best selection and service to elevate the living experience for homeowners and exceed the expectations of home builders.

State of the art TCH Residential showrooms are located at New Hope, MN and Oakdale, MN.

Our State of the Art showrooms

New Hope,MN

This self sufficient and well stocked location caters to western suburbs of Greater Minneapolis displaying entire range from Necessity to Luxury, from bathroom to bedroom including cabinet & door hardware and bath accessories. Walk right in!

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